Do you need information about EU development policy and cooperation? Are you writing a piece about a new trade deal and are wondering how it will impact developing countries? Looking for an expert to comment on development aid spending by EU institutions and Member States? Or just someone to explain why our flawed economic model is at the heart of soaring inequalities?

At CONCORD, you will find policy experts on a wide range of topics and a wealth of reliable and up-to-date information analysed together with our member organisations

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What we can speak about

✓ New trends in EU development cooperation

✓ How EU external affairs impact inequalities between people and countries

✓ Development aid spending by EU institutions and Member States

✓ EU budget and the MFF process

✓ How EU policies, like trade and migration, impact sustainable development in partner countries

✓ Role of civil society in sustainable development


✓ EU-Africa relations

✓ EU-Latin America relations

✓ Sustainable and inclusive economic and business models

✓ The role of the private sector in development 

✓ Gender equality and development

✓ Why global citizenship education matters

✓ How to measure wellbeing

What we can provide



Quotes, comments and interviews with CONCORD Europe spokespeople and experts.


We can provide you with access to members organisations.



We have an archive of film and photography for media use. If you can’t find what you need on the site, please email us.

Press releases

Bursting the ODA inflation bubble: AidWatch 2023 Report Unveils the Gap Between Rhetoric and Reality

While Official Development Aid (ODA) figures are reportedly at record highs, the AidWatch 2023 report shows how the EU and its Member States have managed once again to claim billions as aid that did not meet the most basic criteria to qualify as ODA.

AidWatch 2022 | 1 euro in every 6 not going towards those left furthest behind

2021 should have been the year to double down on ODA to counter compounding global challenges. Instead, 1 euro in every 6 from EU and Member States’ ODA budgets did not even go towards those left furthest behind.

Nine trends shaping the year 2022

Inequality is growing, democracy is eroding, and acute distress is increasing, but at the same time people’s awareness and inclusion are increasing. What is needed now is dialogue, critical thinking and cooperation.

Statement: CONCORD stands with the people of Ukraine

CONCORD deplores Russia’s recent declaration of war on Ukraine and its unjustified attacks on Ukraine’s territory. CONCORD calls on Russia to withdraw its military forces from Ukraine and resort to peaceful dialogue to resolve any issues it may have.

In memory of David Sassoli, European Parliament President

We are saddened by the sudden departure of a generous leader who fought hard for the European Union and was a true friend to civil society. May he rest in peace.

Media contacts

Media inquiries

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Rilli Lappalainen, President

Rilli was elected as CONCORD President in November 2020 and is currently the Director of Sustainable development at Fingo, Finnish Development NGOs (CONCORD’s national platform in Finland). Before Fingo´s establishment on 2018, Rilli worked over 15 years as Secretary General of Kehys, national EU platform. During that time Rilli took on several roles in CONCORD, e.g. as a Board Member for 6 yeas and the chair of the DEAR working group. Global citizenship education has been the red line of Rilli´s work and life from local scouts to global networking. He has experiences of working in all continents from local projects to UN level policy processes.

Tanya Cox, Director

In her role as Director of CONCORD she leads the Confederation’s strategic direction and planning. She is passionate about pushing for a people- and planet-centred approach and finding innovative solutions to the difficult debates of our sector. As an effective communicator and powerful public speaker, she enjoys rallying people around ambitious objectives. She has over 15 years of experience working in civil society organisations to influence the EU’s position on human rights and sustainable development. She previously worked in the private sector.

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