What’s the issue?

The European Union sees itself as an important actor on the world stage and continents like Africa and Latin America as strategic partners in areas like trade and migration. However, the EU is often in the driving seat of such partnerships such that relations between the EU and other regions are often unbalanced.

Relations with partner regions are primarily based on government to government dialogue, which is not inclusive of all actors, such as civil society organisations whose participation and representation is often limited or non-existent. This puts the Leave No One Behind principle at risk.

Change we want to see



EU shifts away from traditional donor/recipient relations to more meaningful relations with partner countries.


The EU’s international partnerships prioritise the wellbeing of people everywhere.


CIVIL society consulted

Civil society is consulted on EU policies and funding processes.


empowered civil society

Local civil society is empowered.

What we want the EU to do

The EU should promote fair partnerships, realised not only in words but in the substance and the content of policies, funding and programmes.  

The needs, interests and views of civil society, NGOs, and grassroots organisations operating in regions of the world where EU policies have an impact should be taken into consideration.

We discuss with Gina Wharton the need for a fair partnership between the European Union and Africa.

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