CONCORD Recommendations for Food and Agriculture in the AU-EU Partnership

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Regional Alliances Illustrations
Everyone deserves an affordable, healthy, and nutritious diet. Achieving this requires just, sustainable, and resilient food systems rooted in food sovereignty and planetary boundaries. The dominance of a corporate and industrial globalized food model hinders the potential of family-based, small-scale, diversified food systems that feed most people, especially in Africa.

Climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and conflicts highlight the globalized system’s oligopolistic nature, unsustainability, and inequalities. Small-scale producers, local systems, and indigenous knowledge offer the roadmap to end hunger, poverty, achieve food sovereignty, climate resilience, restore the environment, and improve social justice.

The current global food system, driven by economic interests and speculation, perpetuates food crises. The EU should address global food insecurity through its policies, programs, AU-EU Partnership, and influence in international forums.

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