Talking Development Episode 9: Rebuilding our economy for people and the planet with Fatima Ihihi

Monday, January 25, 2021

If you were to think about what makes a business successful today, what comes to your mind? Profit, sure. But, what else? Have you ever thought about the role sustainability and inclusivity can play? Well, 2 million enterprises in Europe and many more around the world have done so already. And that’s why they are called social economy enterprises. They operate on the back of a sustainable and inclusive business model.

In this episode, we discuss the potential of these businesses to achieve well-being for all while respecting the limits of our planet with Fatima Ihihi. Fatima is the founder of Toudarte, a cooperative in Morocco that empowers women and brings them financial independence by producing argan oil. To know more about the power of sustainable and inclusive businesses and the role the EU can play, check out our Mind Our Business report.

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